Quest for the Shattered Star

Ultred, Captain of the Guard

After giving the reward for Plutavarch, Percival took the group to meet the guard captain, Ultred. Initially, Ultred was unimpressed with the three adventurers that were brought before him, but upon learning that they were aspiring Pathfinders, some of his vaneer of indifference fell away. He explained how many years before he too was a Pathfinder. Though mostly retired, he still passed information on to the chapterhouse in Magnimar if he thought it was worth Shiela Heidmarch’s attention. He was taken by the bluster and swagger of Calidon and graciously offered the opportunity for the three novice pathfinders to upgrade their weapons from his private collection. When Ultred was asked if he had any information about Natalia Vankaskater or the scarnii she was rumored to bew running with, The Tower Girls, he suggested a visit to Fenster the Blight. A thoroughly disreputable character from Undergbridge.
Before trying to gain information from Fenster, Ultred, Malzahar and Garrick returned to Pathfinder chapterhouse, to update Shiela and determine what they had recovered from Plutavarch. After hearing their report, Shiela told them to continue but suggested they take along Balthazar a cleric of Cayden Cailean from Last Wall who had recently arrived in Magnimar.


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