Quest for the Shattered Star

The Puffy Pelican

It was agreed that Garrett would scout out the Puffy Pelican while Calidon and Malzahar would check with the Arvensoar Guard to see if they could get any other information.
Garrett determined the tavern was abandoned settled down for the others to return.
Meanwhile, sans creampuffs, Calidon and Malzahar were escorted into the presence of Percival, the officer of the day at the Justicar building. He confirmed that there were rumors of Natalia running with a group of female cat burglers, but the guards had no more information as to her current whereabouts. Calidon and Malzahar headed to the docks where they joined up with Garrett.
Over dinner plans were made and the trio set out to arrive at the Puffy Pelican before the scheduled arrival of the slavers at midnight. When they approached the tavern, it was obvious that someone else had gotten there before them as light seeped from the boarded up windows. Leaving Malzahar in the alley behind the building to alert them if anyone else should arrive, Calidon and Garrett entered the tavern.
Immediately, upon entering the common room, Calidon was felled by a dazzling display of colors. Garrett managed to avert his eyes just in time and was unaffected. He spied a figure that had suddenly appeared in front of him and rushed to attack. Before he was able to close with the figure, he was hit by bolts of force that staggerd him. Badly wounded, Garrett looked for an opening to drop his opponent.
Outside, Malzahar heard a loud crash from the interior and decided to investigate. Avoiding stumbling over the prone form of Calidon, he saw a weakened and bloody Garrett fighting a someone. Suspecting that Garrett could use some help, Malzahar cast a healing spell on his injured companion and then drew the attention of the figure Garrett was fighting. That was the opening Garrett needed as he deftly moved past his oppenent and thanks to Malzahar’s distraction was able to land a blow with his sword that dropped his opponent. Realizing they needed information from this man, Malzahar was able to staunch the bleeding and keep him alive. Calidon, meanwhile, started to stir.


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