Quest for the Shattered Star

Meeting the Amazing Zograthy

Seeking information on the whereabouts of Natalia Vancaskerkin, the trio of novice pathfinders set out for Underbridge to find the Amazing Zograthy. Zograthy is known information peddler in Underbridge. Malzahar changed out of his fine robes to fit in a little better, but there was no disguising the foreigness of Calidon, nor did he choose to. Garrett, familiar with the seedy neighborhood, chose to travel slightly apart from the others to make sure nothing untowards happened and to maintain a degree on anonymity.
The meeting with Zograthy was a success as he suggested the trio investigate the Puffy Pelican a tavern in Dockside. He believed that a meeting was to take place that evening where certain merchandise was to be turned over to slavers. That merchandise may or may not include Natalia and what she had found.
Zograthy however, seemed to take an unusual interest in Malzahar, due to Malzahar’s mix of insight and crypticness.


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