Quest for the Shattered Star

Finding Natalia

Now four, the novice Pathfinders set out again to track down Natalia and whatever she had found. Garrett guided them to the dwelling of Fenster the Blight. Along the way, the group continued to feel each other out and learn about their newest group member. Balthazar, it appeared, really liked alcohol, though it didn’t seem to slow him down. It certainly was an avenue for bonding between Calidon and Balthazar. Plans were made to get to know each other better over an expensive bottle of whiskey liberated from Plutavarch Dremis.
Fenster was as disgusting as advertised and equally disagreeable. In order to learn what they wanted, the group needed to look past Fenster’s myriad diseases and physical deformities. Unfortunately, getting past those obstacles only brought one face to face with Fenster’s greed. While the rest of the party debated if they could meet Fenster’s demands, Garrett took matters into his own hands and procured the information they needed. He was evasive as to what it took to get Fenster’s cooperation, but they learned that Natalia was holed up in an abandoned warehouse.
Approaching the warehouse, the group was stopped by a couple of scarnii thugs. Deciding to disregard their demand to keep on moving, Calidon rushed forward to confront the thugs. One thug met Calidon’s charge while the other raced away around the side of the warehouse. Garrett gave chase. After a moment’s delay, Malzahar followed Garrett and Balthazar remained with Calidon.
Calidon quickly defeated his opponent and he and Balthazar followed the other two. Meanwhile, Garrett decided that speed was a much better tactic than caution. Following closely on the heals of the second guard, Garrett entered the warehouse through a side door and found the interior falling apart. Floors and ceilings were falling apart and sewage had filled the basement. There was a rickety plank spanning the chasm into the slime filled basement which Garrett followed the guard across. This is where things began to unravel.
The warehouse was well fortified. Crossbow bolts started coming towards Garrett and the others as they entered. Malzahar was not able to traverse the plank and fell into the sewage filled basement. Goblins living in the sewers had broken thru to the basement and raced to attack Malzahar. The guard stopped at the opposite end of the plank and met Garrett at the exit to the room. Calidon and Balthazar entered the warehouse to find the others hard-pressed. Balthazar by accident or design entered the basement to aid Malzahar while Calidon moved forward in support of Garrett.
Garrett managed to put down his opponent and continued on, trying to find a way to take out the crossbow snipers. Meanwhile, more goblins entered the basement slowing Calidon and the rest.


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